"Entendemos que el desafío esta en ser remunerados por servicios cuyos intangibles son el valor, las ideas, la visión y el pensamiento, y es disruptivo para las agencias de medios que vienen de un modelo comisionado por la contratación de espacios y cuyo capital de trabajo no solo está basado en el recurso humano sino también en la fuerte inversión en tecnología propietaria y bases de información"

Adrián Barreiros - CEO de MEC Argentina

Virtual Stand Toyota

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Generate Line-up consideration


Generate Line-up consideration. Increase showroom traffic and test drives. Gain technological and innovative profile.

2010, opportunity and threat for Toyota

Partial economic recovery being the automotive industry one of the fastest growing sectors.

Cars Category driven by new news

Digital Acceleration. Internet becomes the first step in every car purchase search.

Same Line-Up for 2010. Toyota did not have any launch or minor model change.

Prius was the Toyota´s last launch in Q4 2009.

Faced with this scenario Mec worked together a proposal with "Demotores.com" (Vertical site of car sales / Referent for category / 2.1 Mill Average unique users per month / Property of La Nación, one of major national newspapers). Together we developed the first “virtual car exposition” involving the main brands. With an investment of USD12, 500 Toyota obtained a prominent stand in the exposition, outstanding presence of Prius within the virtual stand, first car logo in Demotores' ads (Newspaper – Online) and accesses to 1,5Mill people through e-mail marketing.


"Internet is the stepping stone to showroom traffic"

Internet is gaining importance to build consideration for future purchase. People use the medium as a reference of category news such as launches, product innovation, prices. On the other hand internet gives the user the opportunity of sharing comments, recommend and reviews. Peers opinion is establishing as an influencer in cars purchase decision.


Launching with "Demotores"/ La Nación the first car virtual exposition of Argentina gave Toyota the opportunity of being part of an innovative and unique event with a low budget and no risk.

Taking advantage of  Prius car launch (Dec 2009) as the first hybrid car in Argentina, Mec´s deal give Toyota an outstanding presence in the exposition and a very relevant position in all Demotores' communication.


The exposition received +130,000 visits

10,948 stands visits

1,030 Corolla´s visits

1,051 Hilux´s visits

Prius, the most visited (3,592 visits)

National coverage (52% Buenos Aires; 48% rest of the country)

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