"Entendemos que el desafío esta en ser remunerados por servicios cuyos intangibles son el valor, las ideas, la visión y el pensamiento, y es disruptivo para las agencias de medios que vienen de un modelo comisionado por la contratación de espacios y cuyo capital de trabajo no solo está basado en el recurso humano sino también en la fuerte inversión en tecnología propietaria y bases de información"

Adrián Barreiros - CEO de MEC Argentina

Positive Energy

Positive Energy

Executive Summary:

Energizer is the battery market leader with a 65% share of sales volume. The business is focused on value-added products (Performance, Alkaline, Chargers). Energizer’s low mass media investment placed the brand at disadvantage in terms of awareness against its main competitor: Duracell.

Our challenge was to Find the most optimal media vehicle to reach the target audience in the most permeable and effective context to receive the “Positive Energy” message… To etect the most appropriate media and vehicle to transmit the following idea: “enhance solidarity through a possitive energy environment”


Our objective was to communicate the new brand concept: POSITIVE ENERGY, related with social responsibility, self responsibility and with our surroundings (well-being), and environmental responsibility.

Duracell had been denounced by Greenpeace due to the environmental problems they were causing, and Energizer decided to get ahead on this issue and transmitted a positive message related to energy use.

The main business objective of the campaign related to sales, was to maintain the leadership of the market. But this action was primarily a branding campaign, to raise awareness of the brand new concept.

We looked for a direct and clear message and for ideas perfectly aligned with the brand positioning, its modern and youthful tone.

Positioning the brand from the positive side of the Energy. Non-polluting energy that demonstrates a strong social responsibility.

The “Positive Energy” will be related to solidarity.


Our target are young adults, with a dynamic and agile lifestyle. They are active, social and “good-times seekers”. This requires a strategic and innovative communication.

The lifestyle of our target needs a partner to develop their activities, most of them developed outside of their homes. And the battery is the partner that they need.

These young people have a strong interaction with various electronic devices that accompany them throughout the day.

In this context, radio takes a major role.

The idea was to link the “Positive Energy” concept with the contents of “Canuto Carcio” section, which is part of the radio program “Perros de la Calle” (leader program for the target audience).

“Canuto Carcio” section has a social purpose, in which one or more listeners of the program call for help so they can get something they really need and that otherwise they could not obtain.



The support and help doesn’t come from the program… it comes from the audience spontaneous and unselfish goodwill.

In this way, we coud link this section with the new concept of “Positive Energy”.

The aim of the campaign was to motivate audience participation, promoting "solidarity" and awarding brand products to those who have joined the initiative.


The impact on the audience generated a strong engage between the achievements and the concept of "positive energy". The winners of “Canuto Carcio” section received Energizer Kits. These awards were announced by the renowned speaker: Andy Kusnetzoff.

Weekly Results

- Reached audience of our target: 434.198

- Total Impacts: 3.358.238

Monthly Results

- Estimated GRPs: 202

- Total Impacts: 13.432.954

Quarterly Results

- Estimated GRPs: 608

- Total Impacts: 40.298.861

“Canuto Carcio” Audience

- Average Target Rating: 3,15

- Average Target Listeners: 223.520

- Target Reach per section: 3,19% (225.640 persons) Resultados semanales.

We achieve our campaign to engage the audience by publicizing the brand new concept (based on social responsibility, environmental stewardship and social solidarity) linked with the aim of “Cauto Carcio” section, the only radio segment that promotes solidarity between listeners.

Client quotes:

“The sponsorship and promotion of “Canuto Carcio” segment in one of the most important radio programs, gave us the opportunity to start a massive spread of our new corporate culture based on the concept of "Positive Energy" in a really clear and direct way, when we didn’t have any material to do so. We had many positive repercussions and active participation of the audience of the program.”

(Mariano Gavito – MKT Head Argentina)


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Positive Energy