"Entendemos que el desafío esta en ser remunerados por servicios cuyos intangibles son el valor, las ideas, la visión y el pensamiento, y es disruptivo para las agencias de medios que vienen de un modelo comisionado por la contratación de espacios y cuyo capital de trabajo no solo está basado en el recurso humano sino también en la fuerte inversión en tecnología propietaria y bases de información"

Adrián Barreiros - CEO de MEC Argentina

Comunidad Nicotinell

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Comunidad Nicotinell


Increase brand awareness. Sustain SOM in a growing category context.

Gum, more practical and massive was launched by Nicotinell in March 2007 (Nicorette gum –Pfizer- was the first product in the category launched some months before with a very small SOM -less than 1%-).
NiQuitin (GSK), consolidated as the 2nd player, launched a new format (similar to candies) in November 2008 with a strong and quick introduction. Nicotinell maintained market leadership (54.4% YTD) followed by NiQuitin (31.1%) and Nicorette (14.5%). While these trends are stable in time, Nicorette and NiQuitin last year growth overcame Nicotinell´s development.

We discovered an interesting issue about this category. Nicotinell had very low communication since 2008. Despite this factor Nicotinell continued leading the category. Due to similarity in brand names, competitors communication contributed to Nicotinell sales.

2010 presented an interesting challenge:

Nicorette and NiQuitin last year growth overcame Nicotinell´s development.

Nicotinell suffered media budget reduction.

Exponential growth in “quit smoking” searches on the web.

Novartis has a unique system through an online course available in Nicotinell page.

Based on this scenario we decided to develop an online annual strategy. Due to the very good results the online budge for 2011 was duplicated.


"Quit smoking is socially contagious"

Smokers are increasingly marginalized in lot of their social groups. In general smokers said that it is very difficult to quit smoking without extra support. While smoking cessation methods are scientifically effective, they feel they need extra support and motivation to achieve their goals. The online environment gives them, from anonymity, the opportunity to contact people with the same problem and the chance of being encouraged and help peers.


Taking advantage of the confusion between brand names (“ni/nico”) referring to "nicotina" an “always on strategy” was proposed.

Integrating the two platforms (Adwords + Google Analytics) allowed us to generate a deeper understanding of searching behavior and interaction of people at Nicotinell´s site.

During 2010 first months, we observed a direct relation between online investment/activity and traffic on Nicotinell´s site. That’s why a constant presence in search engines was so important, as well as from the re-targeting monitoring strategy in people who eventually were interested in quit smoking.

Due to campaign success, we got extra budget for a TV media plan which contributed to close a great year for the brand.


47,922 unique users (average per month)

30,749 completed courses

During July we got extra budget  for online campaign. This generated +94%  in terms of unique users and +44% in completed courses.

TV media plan generated +53% in unique users and +97% in completed courses.

2011 media budget confirmation almost double 2010 investment.

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