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Adrián Barreiros - CEO de MEC Argentina

Extreme research to power sports marketing

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Extreme research to power sports marketing SPM for Toyota Argentina

Executive Summary:

MEC identified Toyota’s need for more value out of their sport marketing program (16% of total marketing budget).  We collected and aggregated a database from multiple sources to evaluate sports marketing program performance.

Results informed a redistribution of sports communication investments and improved, to date, client cost to value ROI by an estimated 32%.  MEC SOW fee for non-trading income on the account increased +25% for 2011/2012 on a 15 month consulting agreement.


Develop a research solution to drive communication strategy and increase MEC SOW.   Evaluate sports partners’ contributions to Toyota’s purchase funnel and determine a better sports budget allocation by linking brand attributes with symbolic values ​​displayed in sports and media exposures delivered to  automotive targets.  Results were to provide R.O.I. benchmarks, a measure of the suitability of each sport for brand building, and tactical metrics of the brand’s media exposure to sport fans’ touch-points, including the contribution of elements of their sports partnership mix to business results.  Toyota and MEC used results to redistribute the sports marketing budget allocation; an estimated 32% improvement in communication ROI has been generated, to date.


MEC A&I was awarded a 15 month research consulting project in a multi-supplier bid situation. Five data streams were aggregated to implement a Sports Performance Model [SPM].    Qualitative research was drawn from MEC Access’ “Game Change” booklet for global trends. Focus groups identified the best sports to align the brand with automotive targets and their symbolic values ​​for football, rugby and motorsport.  TNS Gallup syndicated data were used for local trends and brand awareness by sport, by brand.  SportZ provided estimates of sports fans predisposition towards brand sponsorships and consumer purchase conversion contribution for sports.  TGI data provided automotive category and Toyota owner consumption of sports -- practiced, attended, and watched on TV.  AuditSport performance metrics (i.e., $ media exposure / $ sponsoring budget) and sports television coverage estimates provided benchmarks for sports fans’ touch-points in local markets.  Results and recommendations were developed using Navigator and MEC tools Channel Edge and Allocator Edge.  Findings were that Toyota’s current sports partners were adequate, but there was room to improve by re-distributing budget from motorsports in favor of football and rugby.  Adjustments were made in the mix between sponsorship and other communication formats and tactical re-negotiation of media position was made.


Adjustments in the sports marketing mix and tactical re-negotiation of media positions improved by 18% the quantity and quality of media exposure of Toyota’s Sports Marketing Program.  The overall KPI improvement to date is an estimated 32% on cost to value communication ROI.  MEC received a fee increase of +25% on non-trading revenue on this account.

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SPM (Sports Performance Model) for Toyota Argentina