"Entendemos que el desafío esta en ser remunerados por servicios cuyos intangibles son el valor, las ideas, la visión y el pensamiento, y es disruptivo para las agencias de medios que vienen de un modelo comisionado por la contratación de espacios y cuyo capital de trabajo no solo está basado en el recurso humano sino también en la fuerte inversión en tecnología propietaria y bases de información"

Adrián Barreiros - CEO de MEC Argentina

Copa Energizer

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Improve the identification that consumer has for the brand, generating a higher engage

The challenge

The main objective was to increase the blisters’ sales a 3% in the POP during 3 months. Each blister had a collectable toy representing a player in the Football World Cup. Our aim was to communicate the promotion to obtain more sales and increase the traffic to POP.

We discovered the opportunity to optimize this regional action by developing a local one focused on generating engage and awareness.

As the Football World Cup is the event that gets the highest audience, it inspired us to create the “Copa Energizer”, that besides contributing with the sales objective, it helped us generate engage and increase brand awareness


As a device, the battery relevance is defined by the benefit that it brings. The battery allows to “live experiences”

The insight comes from the consumer knowledge that considers the battery as a device for being the mean to entertainment, music and fun. The battery makes it possible to live experiences and feelings. In football, emotions are lived. The link is 100% emotional.

Connecting the access to emotions: “Viví el fútbol por mucho más tiempo” (Live football, keep going)

The strategy

We focused in the result that the battery gives in order to addressed a “living football experience” as real as possible

The innovation was to actively involve the target by making them enroll in the “Copa Energizer” contest. Through “the game” we connected with the target in an experiential way.

We synergized the recreational attribute that was in both brands: Energizer and PS3

At the “Copa Energizer” the contestants played in the PS3, the “World Cup South Africa FIFA 2010” game, recently released by Sony Electronics.

The tournament was organized in special venue and broadcasted through a special content (TV micro) by ESPN in “Pura Química”, the most recent and outstanding sport program.

The final match was played live in ESPN studios achieving a strong engage between consumers and brand, increasing awareness levels

Besides the web development and the design of the graphic and web ads, we also produced the new TV spot because the pattern from the regional one didn´t apply to the local objectives.

The campaign generated an incredible media buzz.

The results

Active involvement in the target: 2,258 people enrolled in the “Copa Energizer”.

Over 430 couples playing at the Tournament, most of them with support of their friends and family.

Identification with entertainment (strong category attribute)

Savings in borrowed PS3 consoles and PS3 for awards (+USD 7,000)

Over 5.6M TV contacts, 1.8M in newspapers, 12M in the online campaign

SOM (supermarkets): +4%

Media Buzz: websites and sports magazines mentioned the tournament. 100% ROI

Mec service: A&I, Mec Interaction.

All production work was done locally and generated additional revenue. This established a precedent and since then we developed this kind of integrated service for others brands of the Energizer Group.



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